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Welcome on Probulus, the Athletes friendly brand!

Find out our story, our mission, and our goals: we will be happy to welcome you in our "big family" and guide you during your health path, step by step.We work for you and with you to help you stay fit and live life to the fullest!

 About Us

Probulus is a brand new leader in sports nutrition, it offers solutions for all those people who want to feel well and ensure their body’s welfare: we produce our food supplements in the UK, thanks to the professionalism that we have always demonstrated, we have had a great growth in the last years, so great that we have expanded our brand in several European nations.

Our goal is to offer 360-degree solutions to ensure the sportsman has a healthy life, nourishing the body and mind. We of Probulus believe that every person has the right to aspire to a superior quality of life, and to be able to always ask and give the best to their body: for us to live well means to live by listening first to our body.

Our goal

Probulus not only wants to help sportspeople achieve their goals through food supplements: our goal is to help people feel comfortable with their body. Our team offers specific and customized solutions and assistance with the aim of providing our customer with a positive experience from the first day of their journey with Probulus products. All of our products represent a valid support to each of our own health paths, but they must be integrated into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We never promise more than what we know we can guarantee.

Why choose Probulus

Originality and Nature: Probulus products are all guaranteed and 100% natural: all our products undergo strict quality controls; we want to give our customers the best preserving their health at all costs.

The ingredients are all natural: they are made exclusively with the best extracts on the market, are produced strictly following the formulations recommended by experts, so as to ensure the reliability of their content.

For us, natural is always better: we do not use artificial or components which are harmful to your health.

The customer before us

Our priority is our customer, for this reason, we want to provide you a complete customer service and set of advice, available through your phone, online live chat, e-mail or social networks. The Probulus team is always fully available for our clients, to help you choose the most appropriate solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our shipments require from 24 to 72 hours throughout the UK, via tracked courier, with the possibility of paying at the time of delivery.

Price is synonymous of quality

Our prices reflect the quality of the products and service offered by our company: Probulus products are all made in the United Kingdom, undergo thorough checks and ensure maximum reliability. Distrust imitations or products of unknown origin.

Contact us

Praxol Enterprises Ltd, 69 High Street N14 6DL - LONDON

e-mail: info@probulus.com

Customer Service: +44 020 79935891

(Monday-Friday from 10:30 to 17:30)