Creatine Monohydrate 1000 mg is used by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world because it helps to sustain training. It is an amino acid naturally present in our body, which, once synthesized or taken through food, becomes one of the muscular energy deposits.

Benefits of taking Creatine Monohydrate

Taking Creatine 1000 mg regularly, associated with proper nutrition and a targeted training plan, can help you achieve your athletic goals and sculpt your body. It is able to:

  • increase the resistance
  • give energy
  • reduce recovery time
  • increase muscle mass
  • define the muscular structure

Why choose Probulus Creatine

Probulus Creatine 1000 mg contains only one ingredient, but essential for the intramuscular increase of creatine, it acts in a localized way, in the muscular areas stressed during the exercise and the best contribution to bring your training to an advanced level.

Is Probulus Creatine the right product for me?

Creatine 1000mg is indicated for those who want to obtain evident benefits by focusing on specific areas of their body. 100mg Creatine influences the results of workout and makes you exercise at high intensities.

We recommend that you consult the "Use" area for details on how to use it

N.B: the data contained in the ingredients table refer to the contents of 1 capsule / pill

Each bottle contains 90 capsules 



4 capsules a day for the first 5 days


2 capsules a day for the remaining duration of treatment

Each bottle contains 90 capsules 


Creatine Monohydrate 1000mg



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